ELA Back To School DIGITAL Escape Room – Common Core Aligned




As you get the year started, this engaging digital escape room is the perfect way to have your students show what they know in a fun and team-building way! The students will be actively engaged in some friendly competition while showing you what they already know with reading comprehension.


Escape Room Includes:

  • 5 Tasks
  • Task 1: Nemo’s First Day – Chronological Order
  • Task 2: Where Do I Sit? – Reading Comprehension
  • Task 3: Riddle Me This – Decoding Activity
  • Task 4: Football Friends – Plot Structure
  • Task 5: Piecing It Together – Puzzle Activity
  • Digital Version of Escape Room
  • Breakout Google Form
  • Printable Version of Escape Room
  • Direction Cards for each task
  • Student Sheet: Code Recorder
  • Breakout Signs
  • Teacher Directions
  • Tips for Implementation


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