Instructional Rounds Guide



*** This product can be purchased at discount in a BUNDLE with the Instructional Rounds Observation Sheet ***

Every school has GREAT things happening that are observation worthy! This observation strategy not only helps show off the amazing things happening in your own school, it also helps build a sense of pride and community!

This Instructional Round Guide will help you set up an observation system in your school that not only broadcasts the great things you have happening but also helps build a sense of community!

This guide includes the what, why, protocols, and a breakdown of exactly how these learning walks work. It’s a phenomenal tool to have, and we have teachers requesting to do these at our school now.

These observation walks are not meant for you to correct other teachers or to even necessarily leave them feedback. The purpose of these are to learn for yourself. What strategies do you see that are worthy of trying out yourself? Is the teacher doing something that you do that may not be working? How does the teacher being observed transition from one activity to another? There are so many valuable takeaways that you can get from watching each other in the classroom.

Take advantage of learning from each other!

This product helps open the door for discussion on:
• The objective/focus being observed
• What can be taken from the class?
• What could possibly make it better?
• Transitions & Classroom Management Styles

For more information on the incorporation of Instructional Rounds, visit The SPARKLY Notebook.