DIGITAL Paired Passage Set: 4th-5th Grade Reading Level Informational Text




Paired Text (Paired Passages) have become popular with the Common Core State Standards, and getting students engaged in these can be daunting. This GOOGLE CLASSROOM READY Paired Text Set is on the two top rival superheroes and will have the students’ interested in reading and answering questions. Not only does it cover interesting topics, but it also has Common-Core aligned questions and writing prompts to go with it.


Product Includes:

  • 2 Passages (4th-5th Grade Level Reading)
  • Teacher Guide
  • Question Breakdown
  • Context Clues Question Set
  • Evidence-Based Question Set
  • 4 Multiple Choice
  • 1 Short Constructed Response
  • Extended Writing Response: Compare/Contrast
  • Extended Writing Response: Argumentative
  • *BONUS* Extended Writing Response: Informational
  • Digital GOOGLE Version of Activity
  • Printable Version of Activity
  • Venn Diagram for Compare/Contrast
  • Graphic Organizer for Argumentative
  • Graphic Organizer for Informational
  • Writer’s Checklist for ALL 3 Writing Prompts
  • Answer Keys
  • 7-Point Rubric for ALL 3 Writing Prompts