Analyzing Argumentative Writing – Test Prep Packet




Getting students to analyze the elements of argumentative writing is not an easy task because they struggle to dig deep enough into the author’s purpose, claim, and reasoning. This Argumentative Writing Packet digs deeper into the author’s purpose in the writing, includes MULTIPLE different activities, and includes the high rigor needed to meet the standards.


Topic: The Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace


Product Includes:

  • Standard Self-Assessment Tool
  • Argumentative Passage
  • Passage Interactive Activity
  • Context Clues Activity
  • Graphic Organizer Sort Activity
  • Graphic Organizer Cheat Sheet
  • Evidence-Based Question Set
  • Transition Words Activity
  • Transition Words Notes Sheet
  • Counterclaim & Rebuttal Extension Activity
  • Counterclaim & Rebuttal Notes Sheet


Students will be able to reflect on their own knowledge about each of the standards with a self-assessment activity and standards-aligned questions. Each question is labeled by standard and the DOK level.


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