Christmas ELA Digital Escape Room – Common Core Aligned




Going into Christmas break can have students rowdy and make it hard to engage them in anything academic. This READY TO GO Common Core aligned Escape Room will have students reading, answering questions, and eager to collaborate. All you have to do is literally share the link with students, and they are all set!


This product includes:

  • 4 Tasks
    • Task 1: The Tale of Christmas Stockings – Chronological Order
    • Task 2: Why Santa Chose Reindeer – Reading Comprehension
    • Task 3: Farmer Felton’s Tree Farm – Plot Structure
    • Task 4: Christmas Timeline – Order of Events


  • Digital Version of Escape Room
  • Breakout Google Form
  • Printable Version of Escape Room
  • Direction Cards for each task
  • Student Sheet: Code Recorder
  • Breakout Signs
  • Teacher Directions
  • Tips for Implementation


There are many ways you can use this with students. It can be a fun small group competition, made into a blacklight activity with neon everywhere, or an individual activity for students to complete on their own. My students thoroughly enjoy these activities, and I certain yours will too! Escape Rooms are a sneaky way of getting in some extra content before the holidays – Take advantage! 🙂