Thanksgiving ELA Digital Escape Room – Common Core Aligned


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The week before Thanksgiving break comes with anxious students who are eager for “fun” activities. What better time to review the standards with an ENGAGING Escape Room than then?! This Common Core aligned Escape Room will have students racing to finish these ELA tasks.


This Product Includes:

  • 4 Tasks
    • Task 1: The Celebration – Chronological Order – CCSSRL5
    • Task 2: The Mayflower Voyage – Reading Comprehension – CCSSRI1/L4
    • Task 3: The Tale of the Terrified Turkey – Plot Structure – CCSSRL3
    • Task 4: Thanksgiving Timeline – Order of Events – CCSSRL5


  • Digital Version of Escape Room and Tasks
  • Breakout Google Form
  • Printable Version of Escape Room and Tasks
  • Direction Cards for each task
  • Student Vocabulary Sheet for Passage
  • Student Sheet: Code Recorder
  • Breakout Signs
  • Teacher Directions
  • Tips for Implementation
  • Answer Keys


NO COPIES REQUIRED! With the digital version of this Escape Room, all you need are a few computers/chromebooks set up for each of your groups. Once you’ve shared the activity with them, they are all set. I usually share it via Google Classroom to make it easier for them to access. There are Student Code Sheets if you want to print those for the students to write their codes on while they solve the tasks; however, these are optional.


With the printable version of this Escape Room, you will simple set up a couple stations for each task, set up around 2-3 “Breakout Computers,” and let the students do the rest of the work as they work diligently to solve these ELA tasks.