Summary Writing Activity – Common Core Aligned




Teaching students to summarize is not always an easy process. This summarizing strategy breaks down the steps in ways that students can easily understand, complete, and remember. It helps students to read with a purpose and write objective summaries with ease.


It can be used with passages of any length and works well in all subject areas. It is also an easy strategy for non-ELA teachers to implement.


This product includes:

  • Print & Go Version
  • Black & White Version
  • Google Version
  • Directions Poster Set
  • 4-Word and 6-WordOption
  • Activity Example
  • Practice Activity
  • Magnet Word Template
  • Front & Back Version
  • Tips for Use


Why Magnet Summaries???

  • They help students learn the two key skills for summarizing
    • Select only the most important ideas and supporting details from a reading passage
    • Synthesizing those details and main ideas into coherent written text that captures the gist of the passage
  • Helps students create the habit of paying attention to text features since magnet word can sometimes be found there
  • They can be used as formative assessment tool to check student comprehension
  • They are great for all content areas and easy to implement – Not much training is required for teachers to use the strategy


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