Distance Learning Curriculum Recovery Guide: A Vertical Plan



It is important that we start being proactive in preventing potential learning gaps for next year caused by Distance Learning during the Covid 19. This Curriculum Recovery Guide will help you guide your teachers through analyzing their standards and assessment data to determine what was completely, partially, and minimally mastered.


It will provide them with a chart they can complete and then pass up to the next grade level. Once teachers receive their chart, they will be able to start embedding any missed and unmastered standards into their pacing guides. Through this process, students will benefit by getting any missed content from this year, and this will in return prevent some potential learning gaps.


Product Includes:

  • 10 Editable Google Sheets (within one file)
  • Standard Mastery Chart with Assessment Analysis
  • Sample Standard Mastery Chart with Assessment Analysis
  • Standard Mastery Chart
  • Sample Standard Mastery Chart
  • Assessment Analysis Chart
  • Sample Assessment Analysis Chart
  • Assessment Analysis Tally Chart
  • Assessment Analysis Tool
  • Online Tool for Standard Analysis
  • Interactive Presentation Guide for Instructor/Teachers
  • Directions for Standard Mastery Analysis
  • Directions for Assessment Analysis
  • Directions for Assessment Item Analysis
  • Video Guidance Embedded for Standard Mastery Analysis Process
  • Notes Guide for Teachers with How-To Guides


Please feel free email me if you have any questions about this product prior to purchasing it. We have used it in our school and it’s been super beneficial. I’d love to help others successfully incorporate it. [email protected]