Data Wall – Editable and All-Inclusive



Tracking data can be both hard to start and even harder to gain buy-in from teachers and staff. Using a data wall draws in the staff and gives everyone a role in tracking data across your school.

This data wall helps track beginning, middle, and end of the year data, makes monitoring the progress of RtI, gifted, and special education students much easier, and will help cultivate a data-driven faculty who is eager to watch students’ data increase and to find new strategies to implement to make this happen.

This product includes everything needed to start your Reading Growth Data Wall and to initiate data-driven discussions in your school.

✨Product Includes:

  • Ready to Go Resources
  • Data Meeting Agendas
  • Data Wall Labels
  • Student Data Chart
  • Author’s Note – How to Use
  • Data Wall Cards ready for Mail Merge
  • Mail Merge Directions – PC & Mac
  • Excel File Labeled
  • Practice Mail Merge
  • Proficiency Level Sheets
  • Video Guidance for Data Wall Use and Mail Merge
  • Data Meeting 1 Agenda
  • Data Dig Discussion 1
  • Data Meeting 2 Agenda
  • Data Dig Discussion 2
  • Data Meeting 3 Agenda
  • Data Dig Discussion 3
  • Data Dig Question Cards
  • Black & White Version

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