Benchmark Development Session Guide: Assessing with Intention



Creating benchmark assessments should be one of the most important parts of the curriculum, but it often gets put on the back-burner. This product will help your school or district organize Benchmark Development Sessions that will have your benchmarks being made with intention and to align to the pacing guide and rigor of the standards. It’s great for administrators, instructional coaches, or teacher-leaders.

Benchmark assessments should mimic the standardized test, reflect mastery of all standards being taught, align to the rigor of the standards, and provide useful data for teachers to use when planning instruction, remediation, and acceleration. This product will help your teachers plan and develop assessments that meet those expectations.

Whether you create benchmark assessments at the school or district level, this guide will help you plan and orchestrate the development sessions. It includes a planning guide to help the instructor, a few resources for looking at rigor and question types, agendas and presentations for each session, and benchmark checklists to help teachers cover all their bases when making their assessments.

Product Includes:

  • 4 Benchmark/Assessment Planning Session Agendas
  • 4 Benchmark/Assessment Planning Session Slideshow Presentations
  • 4 Benchmark/Assessment Planning Session Benchmark Checklists (2 different versions)
  • Meeting Norms Sign
  • Planning Session Teacher Survey (Print Version & Google Forms)
  • DOK Levels Cheat Sheet
  • Types of Questions Cheat Sheet
  • Planning Guide for Instructor